Your Fearless Soul - Available now on Amazon

You already know that your Soul has a gift.

You already know that you are here to fulfill a purpose and that your Soul longs to make a meaningful contribution. You are already looking for answers—now let this book help you ask the right questions.

In Your Fearless Soul, Christin Myrick explores:

  • The seven types of divine purpose, and which type is yours 
  • Bold questions to revive your spirit
  • Creating happiness for yourself and others
  • Cultivating your wild and authentic nature
  • Returning to the power of your Fearless Soul

Your Fearless Soul will not not spoon-feed you a pre-packaged version of who you are and where you belong. The aim of Your Fearless Soul is to help you orient toward one of the seven types of divine purpose in the Fearless Soul System that most resonates with the authentic, wild, natural version of you.

Part I of the book is dedicated to helping you identify your divine purpose type. The seven types of divine purpose are named: Initiator, Messenger, Believer, Conduit, Guardian, Seer, and Converger

Part II explains each divine purpose type in detail. It defines the positive impact of each type and provides suggestions of where to focus your energies so that you may start practicing immediately.

Part III discusses methods to apply your divine purpose and cultivate your Fearless Soul in tangible, immediate, and satisfying ways.

Like a whisper in the night, our Fearless Soul calls for us to return to who we really are so that its exquisite and enlivening nature can be revealed. No one else can be you, and no one else can provide your divine purpose to the world.

With intimate insights and playful spirituality, this book will take you on an adventure of compassionate self-discovery to harness the wisdom of your Fearless Soul. The world is starving for those who dare to live their divine purpose. Are you ready?


What is Divine Purpose?

Everything has a place and a purpose: bean plants provide beans, sunflowers create seeds, rivers move water, trees make oxygen, and mushrooms decompose. Everything has a place and a purpose including you. Your divine purpose is meaningful contribution that only you can make. It is the way you belong to the world: your unique way of being for a long period of time.

Your divine purpose is deeper than a skill set or talent, deeper than personality or persona. Your divine purpose is not something you have to do. Throwing a baseball, writing cursive, connecting people, or writing computer code are things that you do. Your divine purpose aligns with the most essential part of who you are on the level of Soul. Divine purpose flows through you. A wild river bends and twists, churns rapids, and slowly meanders, but it is always the same river. You have strengths, weaknesses, skills, and talents but always the same divine purpose. To choose and claim your divine purpose is to have a truly Fearless Soul.